Resource of the Week:

Providing Language Access Services for Limited English Proficient Parents in Washington Schools:  OEO Feasibility Study for Foreign Language Educational Interpreter Training and Certification. 2015.

Do you work in, or with, a school system? Are you a language company that serves schools? Or an interpreter who performs educational interpreting?

If so, you will want to read this 19-page report, chock-full of valuable information to help you assess the critical importance of providing language access through qualified interpreters in schools.

How wonderful it would be if reports like these help lead us, one day, to certification for both signed and spoken language educational interpreters!





In partnership with Ayuda through funding by DC's Office of Victim Services we are extremely proud to present this FREE training manual, workbook, and glossary available to view or download on Ayuda's resource page.  You may also click on each individual cover above.