Marjory A. Bancroft, MA

Marjory holds a BA and MA in French linguistics from Quebec City and advanced language certificates from universities in Spain, Germany, and Jordan. In addition to her work interpreting and translating, she has taught translation, English and French in several countries for immigrant schools, two universities, continuing education, public schools and the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC. For three years she managed a nonprofit language bank of 200 interpreters and translators.

In 2001 she founded Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC), the only national training agency for community interpreting and cultural competence. CCC offers The Community Interpreter® International, the leading international program in community interpreting with more than 300 licensed trainers in 37 U.S. states; Washington, DC; Guam; and six other countries. Marjory also founded The Voice of Love Project, which develops training on interpreting for survivors of torture, war trauma and sexual violence.

The author of numerous publications and training curricula, (including our widely-read e-newsletter, Intersect and popular YouTube series, InterpreTIPS), Marjory speaks and keynotes widely at conferences across the U.S. and abroad. She has sat on national and international committees, was the world Project Leader for an ISO International Standard on interpreting and was the California Healthcare Interpreting Association’s Trainer of the Year in 2017.