Mississippi state dept of health

san francisco office of civic engagement & immigrant affairs

  • Federal agencies and programs (e.g., U.S. Office for Victims of Crime; U.S. Air Force; U.S. Joint Special Operations University)

  • State agencies (e.g., Maryland Department of Aging, Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)

  • Local government agencies in several states, including city/county agencies, health and human service agencies, police departments, infants and toddlers programs, commissions on aging, volunteer programs, citizen services, victim services, etc.

  • Examples of our work:

    • 2017-2018 Baltimore City Police Department: Introduction to Legal Interpreting for Bilingual Officers

    • 2017-2018 San Jose Office of Immigrant Affairs: Cultural Responsiveness in Human Services

    • 2016-2018 Mississippi State Department of Health

      • The Community Interpreter® International: Training of Trainers

      • Cultural Competence in Health and Human Services: Training of Trainers

      • Cultural Competence in Oral Health: Training of Trainers

    • 2013-2018 San Francisco Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs:

      • The Community Interpreter® International

      • The Community Interpreter® International: Training of Trainers

      • Cultural Competence in Health and Human Services: Training of Trainers

Nonprofit Agencies

y in central maryland




  • National nonprofit agencies (e.g., National Center for State Courts, National Council on Interpreting in Health Care, Volunteers in Health Care, Boat People S.O.S., International Rescue Committee)

  • Regional and state nonprofit agencies (e.g., Mid-Atlantic Public Health Training Center, Family Planning Council, Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations) and nonprofit coalitions in Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio and Washington, D.C.

  • Local nonprofit agencies in several states, such as immigrant service agencies, victim services, refugee resettlement and nonprofits serving specific ethnic groups.

  • Legal services organizations, including legal aid bureaus and agencies specialized in services to Latino and Asian communities.

  • Examples of our work:

    • 2018 AshaKiran: It Breaks My Heart -- Interpreting for Trauma

    • 2018 Asian Americans Advancing Justice: The Language of Justice

    • 2016-2018 Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape:

      • The Voice of Compassion: Interpreting for Sexual Assault Survivors

      • Language, Trauma and Healing -- A Trauma-informed Approach to Working with Interpreters and Sexual Assault Survivors

    • 2017 Y in Central Maryland: Partnerships in Mental Health: Practical Guidance for School-based Counselors and Interpreters

    • 2017-2018 Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center

      • Introduction to Community Interpreting

      • The Community Interpreter ® International

    • 2010-2018 Ayuda

      • The Language of Justice

      • The Language of Justice: Training of Trainers

      • Cultural Mediation for Interpreters

      • Breaking Silence: Interpreting for Victim Services

Educational Institutions



  • Two- and four-year colleges (including Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine), continuing education programs, immigrant schools and public K-12 schools.

  • Examples of our work:

    • 2017 Orange County Department of Education Interpreters and Translators Conference

      • Consulting on conference creation and development

      • Keynote and Presentation: Strategies to Support Quality Language Services in School Districts

    • 2017 Anne Arundel County Public Schools: Simultaneous Interpreting in Educational Settings: An Interactive One-Day Workshop for AACPS Bilingual Staff

    • 2016 Howard County Public Schools: Building Blocks for Educational Interpreters


Maryland Dept of health

christiana care health system

  • Large health care organizations including Kaiser Permanente Northern California and hospitals across the United States (e.g., Florida Hospital, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Temple University Health System in Philadelphia, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore; and Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C.) as well as health departments, community health centers (Federally Qualified Health Centers), clinics and health systems.

  • Examples of our work:

    • 2011-2018 Montgomery Department of Health and Human Services: How to Work with an Interpreter; Introduction to Community Interpreting

    • 2017 Barton Healthcare: The Trauma-informed Interpreter

    • 2016 Maryland Department of Health: How to Work with an Interpreter

    • 2015 Medstar Montgomery Medical Center: The Community Interpreter® International

    • 2015 Christiana Care Health System: Medical Interpreter Ground Rounds - Advocacy & Mediation for Medical Interpreters

Other Institutions




  • Keynote presentations and conference workshops commissioned by national and international interpreting associations.

  • Examples of our work:

    • 2019 ITAA Annual Conference

    • 2018 ATI Annual Conference

    • 2018 CIT Biennial Conference

    • 2017 AAIT Annual Conference

      • Presentation: The Gift of Giving Voice -- How Interpreters Change the World

    • 2017 CHIA Annual Educational Conference

      • Presentation: The Trauma-informed Interpreter -- Techniques and Strategies for Interpreting Trauma

    • 2016 ATA Annual Conference

      • Presentation: Help! They Think I'm a Cultural Expert! A Crash Course in Effective Cultural Mediation for Interpreters

    • 2016 DVTA East Coast Interpreters and Translators Summit

      • Presentation: The Voice of Compassion - Interpreting for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse

      • Presentation: Here Be Monsters! Intervention Skills for the Gray Zone between Legal and Medical Interpreting