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CCC and InterpretAmerica proudly bring you InterpreTIPS. In short videos that we post every other week, Marjory Bancroft (Director & Founder, CCC) or Katharine Allen (Co-President, InterpretAmerica) will answer those burning questions you always wanted to ask about interpreting.

Is "consecutaneous" mode acceptable? Should community interpreters do sight translation? How do you handle a pregnant patient who gets your number and calls you up crying in the middle of the night?

Just ask. We'll answer.

If you have a question for InterpreTIPS, please email us. Just put "InterpreTIPS Question" in the subject line.

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Our latest episode

The term "English Language Learner" is being used in schools in place of "Limited English Proficient" under the new "Every Student Succeeds" program. Should the interpreting profession follow suit?