About InterpreTIPS

Ask Marjory! Ask Katharine!

CCC and InterpretAmerica proudly bring you InterpreTIPS. In short videos that we post every other week, Marjory Bancroft (Director & Founder, CCC) or Katharine Allen (Co-President, InterpretAmerica) will answer those burning questions you always wanted to ask about interpreting.

Is "consecutaneous" mode acceptable? Should community interpreters do sight translation? How do you handle a pregnant patient who gets your number and calls you up crying in the middle of the night?

Just ask. We'll answer.

If you have a question for InterpreTIPS, please email us. Just put "InterpreTIPS Question" in the subject line.

Check out the InterpreTIPs YouTube channel for a complete list of InterpreTIPs videos or select each season below.


Our latest episode (Season 4 coming soon!)

Katharine Allen is in Columbia, MD teaching the Training of Trainers for The Community Interpreter® with Marjory this week. While in town, we welcomed Katharine to CCC's offices to film a new InterpreTIP. Here she gives advice on handling a difficult situation that occurred for someone interpreting in a mental health setting.