The Language of Justice: A Training Manual


The Language of Justice: A Training Manual


Authors: Isabel Framer, Marjory A. Bancroft, MA, Lois Feuerle, JD, Ph.D and Jean Bruggeman, Esq.
Year Published: 2010
Edition: 1st
Pages: 125
Publisher: Ayuda
ISBN: 978-0-9823166-4-1

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This manual supports community and court interpreters who perform legal interpreting in community settings, with a special spotlight on attorney-client interviews and nonprofit legal services.  It will also help interpreters who interpret for worker's comp and disability medical exams; School Boards hearings; domestic violence hearings; torture and trauma legal services; immigration services, and many other areas of legal interpreting.

Legal interpreting is dangerous in the hands of amateurs.  Protect your clients, interpreters and legal outcomes. Purchase this manual for any legal interpreter or bilingual employee who performs legal interpreting in community interpreting.