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Interpreters are often asked to translate -- even though interpreting and translation are separate professions with distinct skill sets and credentials. Learn the translation basics with this foundation workshop and start applying them to your work today!

Advance your medical interpreting skills with Heart and Mind

Designed for self-study and classroom settings, this textbook includes complex role plays that address many medical specialties; exercises related to ethics, skills and decision-making; graphics with medical terminology lists; and a Spanish-English medical terminology glossary. Learn more.  

Join us for Building Blocks for Educational Interpreters!

Grow and hone your educational interpreting skills. This intensive workshop will prepare you to take accurate notes, interpret simultaneously, sight translate a document — and move from one mode of interpreting to another! (i.e. mode switching). Save $15 through April 26!

Katharine Allen is in Columbia, MD teaching the Training of Trainers for The Community Interpreter® with Marjory this week. While in town, we welcomed Katharine to CCC's offices to film a new InterpreTIP. Here she gives advice on handling a difficult situation that occurred for someone interpreting in a mental health setting.

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Cross-Cultural Communications (CCC) is the only international training agency in the United States for medical and community interpreting, and cultural competence, with over 300 licensed trainers in 37 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., Guam and six other countries. We also provide consulting, technical assistance and course development. Under our imprint, Culture & Language Press (CLP), we publish high-quality textbooks, workbooks and trainer's guides. Learn more.