Do you want to empower the next generation of professional interpreters? Do you want to raise the bar in language access by training culturally competent service providers? We are seeking skilled, passionate interpreter and cultural competence trainers to deliver our programs across the country.

What we offer:

  • An opportunity for contractors to work with CCC, a nationally-recognized training agency
  • Training programs (including detailed lesson plans) created and piloted by industry experts
  • End-client communications, travel and training site logistics managed by CCC staff
  • Experience delivering training for a variety of audiences across the country

Who we're looking for:

  • Spoken and sign language interpreter trainers with interpreting and training experience in:
    • Community (i.e. medical, social services and educational) interpreting
    • Medical interpreting
    • Trauma-informed interpreting
    • Medical terminology
    • Skills-based workshops (e.g. note-taking for interpreters and simultaneous, remote and legal interpreting)
  • Cultural competence trainers and therapists with training experience in health and human services

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