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Train Translators and Interpreters for a “Digitized and Globalized World”

This research article, just published, is timely. The title is Training Translators and Interpreters for a Digitised and Globalised World: Wikipedia, Lingua Francas and Critical Thinking. Translation and Interpreting: Convergence, Contact and Interaction.

From the abstract (abridged): This chapter describes two methods aimed at fostering transferable, 21st-century skills, more specifically critical-thinking skills, in translation and interpreting training. First, the study involved students of an introductory course in professional translation who translated a section of a Wikipedia article from French into Finnish for a project that they managed and self- assessed. The project included not only translation, but also editing, proofreading, localising, synthetic translation, and coding. Second, students of an introductory course in legal translation were exposed to the linguistic, cultural, and administrative variation within the francophone world through the production of different texts related to adoption to prepare them for legal and community interpreting.

The article, a chapter in a book, can be downloaded at no charge by setting up a free account with