The Indigenous Interpreter®: A Training Manual for Indigenous Language Interpreting


The Indigenous Interpreter®: A Training Manual for Indigenous Language Interpreting


Authors: Katharine Allen, MA, Victor Sosa, Angelica Isidro, and Marjory A. Bancroft, MA
Year Published: 2018
Edition: 1st
Pages: 601
Publisher: Natividad Medical Foundation

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An astounding contribution to the field, this comprehensive manual (along with its partner workbook) can be used to train interpreters of indigenous languages or for self-study. Produced and published by Natividad Medical Foundation, this book is available electronically at no cost (under a Creative Commons license). What you see offered in this listing are full-color print copies of these superbly beautiful pedagogical books.

The Indigenous Interpreter®: A Training Manual supports The Indigenous Interpreter® curriculum. This groundbreaking program guides interpreters of indigenous languages on ethics, protocols and modes -- including consecutive, relay and simultaneous interpreting -- in community and healthcare settings. Each module includes targeted guidance for overcoming the barriers that indigenous interpreters encounter daily in many different service settings.

You’ll see such modules as:

  • Introduction to Indigenous Interpreting

  • Interpreting Ethics

  • Cultural Mediation

  • Introduction to Sight Translation

  • Legal Interpreting for Indigenous Interpreters

  • Mental Health Interpreting

  • Introduction to Consecutive Note-taking

The full curriculum represents a 63-hour, 20-module training program. Don’t let the page count put you off: this training manual was made to be used. Ample white space and generous font size, along with the use of full-color in diagrams and images throughout, make this a thoroughly readable text for trainers and training participants alike.