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Cross-Cultural Communications was incredibly supportive as our department worked to build our Language Access Program. Marjory [Bancroft] and Isabel [Framer] made themselves available for expert consultation and took the time to provide thoughtful feedback. They were also amenable to adapting their training as they saw what worked — and what didn’t — for our unique audience of police officers. It was clear throughout our collaboration that CCC was invested in ensuring that our program was robust and that our bilingual officers were properly trained and prepared.
— Lisa Fink, Language Access Coordinator/Policy Analyst, Baltimore Police Department
There are so many good things to say about The Community Interpreter® International Training of Trainers (TOT) program. Marjory and Giovanna complete each other in passion, knowledge and teaching style so elegantly and expertly that six days felt like two. The curriculum is research based, consistently updated to follow the latest interpreting industry trends both from the human and technology aspects. This program’s facilitation answers a need that I have rarely seen in other Training of the Trainer programs [by providing] ample role playing and situational exercises for participants. Thank you for this unforgettable experience.
— Arnaud Adam, Training & Development Manager, All Access Interpreters
The materials you provided, the manual, the workbook, the text book. The examples you provided to us at the TOT… everything was incredible. Add to that, the wonderful people we got to meet, share experiences with, got to learn from, and who we are still in contact with now. Who already feel like an extension of my family. Wow! You literally provided us with the tools that we needed to provide the training to the 22 participants (site translators and bilingual community assistants) that took time away from their summer to be with us. They loved it! They especially loved the interactions and continuous hands on practices.
— Sonia Barrón-Rodríguez, District Interpreter/Translator, Riverside Unified School District
Last week will be forever cherished in my memories. [...] You both created a very welcoming and open environment that really allowed for honest dialogue and a conducive learning environment free of shame and judgment. Thank you for creating such a trusting and safe space. I know the experience was probably an eye-opener for a lot of the trainers. [...] I believe you have given us skills to make us better trainers and have challenged us to grow as trainers. After all, we, as cultural competence trainers, are both guides and pilgrims in this worthy and rewarding work.
— Victoria Walker, Health Promotion and Education Director, Mississippi State Department of Health
I feel very empowered after attending The Community Interpreter® TOT. Each day felt like it flew by because the topics and activities were so engaging and relevant to my job. Above all I think that the TOT has made me a better service provider for my population and will transfer into more equitable practices on an individual and systematic level. I am also grateful for [the] trainers— their work will directly transfer into our families feeling heard and feeling empowered to engage in their community in their own language.
— Omari Jeremiah, Community School Coordinator, Y of Central Maryland
[As] an interpreter in the medical and legal field for over 16 years [...] I found TCI to be an innovative and creative way to instruct in this field.
— Sara Gardner, MO/IA State certified legal interpreter, CCHI certified medical interpreter, Licensed TCI Trainer
New knowledge and skills [are] a vital part of elevating the profession. [...] I know these trainings [TCI, Medical Terminology and The Language of Justice] have made a real difference for our agency’s reputation in contracting interpreters.
— Barbara Larson, ARCH Language Network, Licensed TCI, Medical Terminology and The Language of Justice Trainer
The Delaware Valley Translators Association (DVTA) was fortunate to have CCC’s Marjory Bancroft as a featured presenter at our recent DVTA East Coast Translators and Interpreters Summit. Marjory’s name was a major attraction for a record turnout and her sessions were filled to capacity. After every event, we always poll participants for evaluations and not surprisingly, Marjory’s presentations (The Voice of Compassion - Interpreting for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse and Here Be Monsters! Intervention Skills for the Gray Zone between Legal and Medical Interpreting) received the highest accolades. With such overwhelmingly positive feedback… we look forward to bringing her back as a regular for future professional development workshops and summits. Thank you for instructing, inspiring and energizing our membership!
— Antonio E. Guerra, President, Delaware Valley Translators Association (DVTA)
The more we promote the career of community interpreting, the better for all those who are in need to break the language barrier and ease communication among people. I had a great experience at The Community Interpreter® International Training. I was able to improve technique when it comes to assisting my clients in a truly professional manner and setting those boundaries where everyone is clear about their roles so the correct information gets to both parties in a real, efficient way...It is really a passion for me to help people in every way I can, especially where there is a language barrier.
— Nidia Gentry, Case Manager, Maryland Department of Health and Human Services
This (The Community Interpreter® International: Training of Trainers) has been the most engaging and vibrant training I have ever taken and I have been around for quite some time! Thank you very much CCC team!!!!
— Sandra Henry-Álvarez, Freelance Certified Court and Medical Interpreter, Boston, Massachusetts
Marjory and her wonderful team of trainers provide a comprehensive and strong foundation. [The Community Interpreter®] was inspiring and it has led to new opportunities.
— Virginia E. Herder, Language Services, Children's National Medical Center, Washington D.C.
Thank you so much, Marjory. The feedback about your two presentations was simply amazing!
— Gregoria Lara, Northern Professional Division Director, The California Federation of Interpreters (CFI)
I attended most of the medical courses in the market. I found out that this course (TCI) is the most professional, comprehensive, sophisticated, informative and resourceful one that any bilingual individual needs to be a professional interpreter.
— Sameh Abdelkader, Educational Director, Liberty Language Services, TCI, MT and LOJ Licensed Trainer